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Bigg Boss 16: Salman Khan schools MC Stan for giving threats to Shalin Bhanot during a fight; says ‘if you accomplish what you’re saying you’ll be in jail’

In today’s episode of Bigg Boss 16, host Salman Khan welcomes everyone as he begins with the show, Shukravaar Ka Vaar. The Bigg Boss 16 host Salman Khan greets everyone and later questions MC Stan for threatening on national television.

Shalin and MC Stan apologize for behaving in a bad way and hurling abuses at each other on national television. Salman asks MC Stan and Shalin to stand in front of each other and say the improvised abusive words. Salman says “abhi toh muh nahi khul raha hain tumhara Shalin ( Now why nothing is coming out from your mouth?)”.

Further, Salman asks MC Stan that whatever he tells a person he (MC Stan) actually means it and wants to give 100%. MC Stan says “Yes sir I try to do it and give my 100% if I say something.” Then Salman says “ok so as per your saying then you are 100% in jail because if you will accomplish whatever you said then what will it be?”

Salman gets impatient when MC Stan does not understand whatever he was trying to convey. He asks Sajid Khan to explain to MC Stan what he is talking about. He explains that Salman is hinting at the death threats given to Shalin during the fight by MC Stan. Salman says “Now that you have said it you will have to do it without any exception right? Now you will have to finish Shalin’s game once and for all haina? Earlier you said that your fans are watching, then which fan of yours will see him, you will only have to end him so once you come outside you take his case ok?”

MC Stan explains to Salman that it was in anger and not his actual statement, he said, “Sir he told me that he would hit me and I got hyper over it so that’s why I said that I will see you outside. I never meant what I said.”

While talking to MC Stan, Salman shifts to Shalin and points him out too and says that even he had spoken about it earlier and asks him to not show as if he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Salman also imitates Shalin and stops him trying to be innocent. He says he should stop talking nonsense as everyone gets excited a lot so please don’t say it on TV.

Salman also talks in MC Stan’s language and says, “Ye behfusul ki baatein kaiko kartey ho. You both don’t know and agree that it came out because of anger and it’s a very pety thing and not even of much importance, it’s only for the show and showing that you are macho. Being in the gym for 2 days and having steroids doesn’t make you macho, oh please should I open my mouth about your steroids intake Shalin… ahhh ehhhh why do you become like this in front of me?”

Salman ends it by asking if both of them understood what he tried to explain. Salman also schools Tina Datta for overreacting after getting nominated by Mc Stan and also not being a sport. Salman also adds “It’s just a nomination, not something serious. Even when you break up in a relationship you never went and begged in front of your ex right? Then why did you do it here? And what swearing you are doing that I swear on my babies and so on. Trust me there is no need to swear because if you think you are right then someday the truth will come out. Late is too late for them, once, twice, thrice said it’s enough. Don’t think about it because it’s not your level to think about it guys.”

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