Zelenskyy wants to meet Putin to discuss the ways to end the war

Zelenskyy wants to meet Putin to discuss the ways to end the war

Ukrainian and Russian negotiators have conducted bilateral talks since Russia attacked Ukraine in February.

On Wednesday, VolodymyrZelenskyy, the President of Ukraine, said that he directly wants to talk to the Russian President. He refused to take the help of any intermediates. If Putin understands the reality, it would be possible to find a diplomatic way to end this war, he added.

Zelenskyy addressed the audience in Davos at the World Economic Forum. He mentioned that Ukraine would continue fighting until it recovers its entire territory. He said that Russia should withdraw its armies to the positions before the war began.

He stated this might be an initiative towards a diplomatic talk. Russia was playing with Ukraine for a long time to conduct bilateral talks.

Earlier, Zelenskyy stated that it is becoming difficult to arrange talks with Moscow. He displayed Russian attacks on the civilians under occupation as evidence of his claims. However, Russia calls it a special operation that started to degrade the military capabilities of Ukraine. It also denied Ukrainian claims of attacking civilians.

Ukrainian and Russian negotiators have sporadically talked to each other since the war began. But, both parties claim that the meetings have stalled. Last week, Zelenskyy informed the Ukrainian media that it was impossible to end the conflict without any diplomacy.

He remarked in Davos that Ukrainians paid a huge price for the war. The country’s forces are ahead near the region of Kharkiv. But, in Donbas, the situation remains worst. He added that the nation is losing too many lives.

Volodymyr added that any action to recover the Crimean peninsula would result in thousands of casualties. Russia annexed and seized Crimea from Ukraine in 2014. Further, on February 24, the former invaded latter, and the war is still going on.

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