India comes at the 150th spot in the world press freedom index of 2022

World press freedom index 2022 India’s rank slips down to 150


Nowadays, People are largely talking about freedom of media in India. It is because, according to a recent survey, India slipped to 150 in the world press freedom index 2022. The survey includes data from a total of 180 countries. North Korea performs worse as there is no democracy or press freedom.

Last year India stood at 142nd position and slipped down to 150th rank this year. It has made the country one of the most dangerous nations for media in the world. The survey showed that, on average, three to four journalists in the country get killed every year.

The nation’s ranking on the world press freedom index is deteriorating for the last six years. In 2016 India was in 133rd rank and continuously came down every year. Reporters have mentioned some specific reasons for this fall.

The high-profile reporters without any borders prepare this press freedom index. They stated that the politically biased media and violence against journalists have increased since 2014. The concentration of ownership of the press demonstrates that the media’s freedom is in problem in the largest democracy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is leading the Indian government and the BJP, which is the symbol of Hindu nationalism. However, the government does not seem to agree with the results. This survey may also give rise to political debates between opposition and BJP supporters.

Countries that are on top of the list

European countries have continued the trend of staying at the top as usual. The top five nations, according to the world press freedom index of 2022 are:

  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Estonia
  • Finland

Countries that are at the bottom of the list

Despite being the world’s largest democracy, India has performed the worst in this index. It has accompanied the neighboring country China in the list. The participants that performed worst out of 180 countries are as follows:

  • India (150)
  • China (175)
  • Russia (155)
  • North Korea (180)

Reporters without Borders, along with nine other organizations for human rights, conducted this survey. They celebrated the world press freedom day and asked Indian authorities to maintain press freedom. They suggested that the administration should stop targeting their online critics and journalists.

The reporters also mentioned some reasons behind the poor performance of India in press freedom. According to them, numerous media outlets in India increase the tendency for concentrated ownership. The government has also faced such allegations earlier by many organizations.

As per the findings of the survey, there are 380 news channels and 36,000 weeklies in the country. The abundance of media channelshas led to the freedom restrictions on the press.

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