How many times should you wash your hair in one week?

How many times should you wash your hair in one week?


Many of you remain confused about how often you should wash your hair in one week. Many of you may not know which day you should wash your hair and on which day you shouldn’t. In this confusion, some of you start washing your hair too often. While some do not clean them even after a week.

There is no rocket science behind shampooing your hair effectively. You don’t have to think too much, about when to use the shampoo and when not. There are some important tips that you can follow to take care of your luscious curls.

When you begin noticing the following symptoms, you need to wash your hair.

1. If your hair becomes oily in just one day after washing, your scalp is oily. In such a situation, you need to wash your hair otherwise, it will look sticky.

2. If you have a busy schedule and you are unable to wash your hair daily, you can use dry shampoos. If your scalp is not oily, you should not wash it every day.

3. If you start seeing the scalp skin in your hair, then it is time to give yourself a hair wash. Then it is the time to give yourself a hair wash. You can check by scratching your head if there is dirt on your nails, then your hair is dirty.

4. If you have not washed your hair in a long time, you will start seeing knots in them. If they are getting tangled a lot, you should wash them with a mild shampoo.

5. Your hair starts smelling good after the hair wash. When the fragrance of your conditioner or shampoo is not there anymore, your hair is ready for a wash.


6. Pay attention to the texture of your hair. It starts looking bad or rough if you do not wash it for a long time. Keep your hairs clean to make them smoother and shinier.

7. Using shampoo on your hair daily can make them dry, leading to her fall. But at the same time, you should not skip cleaning them for many days.

8. Do not use dry shampoos too often. Keep them only for emergencies.

9. According to the studies, people having oily scalp can wash it on alternate days. Those having normal or dry scalp can wash their hair twice a week.

10. Sometimes it also depends on the weather conditions and the surroundings. Your hair tends to become dirty more in summers. Excessive sweat attracts dirt, making them greasy. So if you feel extra sweat in your head, you can wash it regularly.

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