Vladimir Putin warns Sweden and Finland amid their bid to join NATO

Vladimir Putin warns Sweden and Finland amid their bid to join NATO

Vladimir Putin has issued a warning against Sweden and Finland, saying that Russia will certainly respond. The move comes after the two Nordic nations decided to join NATO.

Amidst the Russia Ukraine war, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has issued a warning against Sweden and Finland. He took the step in response to the reports claiming that both countries are planning to join NATO. North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a military alliance. Putin said he had no problem, but he would take action if he felt any threat.

Putin responded to the NATO bid by Sweden and Finland amid the ongoing Ukraine crisis. He stated that he has no problem with both the countries joining NATO. But, if they pose any threat to Russia, he will take strict action.

Putin announced his statement just a few hours after Sweden showed signs of joining the military alliance. Magdalena Andersson, the prime minister of Sweden, stated that her country would decide about joining NATO and inform the organization. She is following the Finland government after it depicted the wish to be a part of the military alliance.

However, Vladimir Putin has clearly mentioned that he does not have any problem with Sweden and Finland joining NATO. But, at the same time, he issued a warning to both countries. He stated that the current global situation is already very difficult. Moreover, the united states are aggressively expanding NATO only to aggravate the condition.

According to the reports, Putin said the decision of Nordic countries to join the military structure would provoke Russia. He added that the Russian Federation would surely respond if it felt any threat from the alliance. However, the responsive action would depend on the intensity of threats created for Russia. Countries are creating problems without any reason, and hence, Russian authorities will act accordingly.

On the other hand, a senior Russian official called this step for Nordic countries a big mistake. Sergei Ryabkov, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia said it would be a grave mistake for Sweden and Finland. He added that Moscow would make sure to take the required steps.

According to the media reports, Ryabkov mentioned that this mistake would have far-reaching consequences. The military tensions at the general level would increase. The Russian deputy foreign minister felt pity for the sacrifice of common sense in taking such a decision. Such phantom ideas are not mindful in the present chaotic situation.

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