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Delhi getting data on real-time pollution sources due to IIT-Kanpur study, says CM Arvind Kejriwal | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: Identification of sources of air pollution on a real-time basis has now started in Delhi, chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Friday.
After reviewing the source apportionment study by IIT-Kanpur, he said that the study is helping Delhi with pollution-related data in a proactive manner.
The real-time source apportionment project was one of the actions listed under the Delhi government’s winter action plan. The project has been undertaken by Delhi Pollution Control Committee in collaboration with IIT-Kanpur, IIT-Delhi and TERI. The project was approved in October 2021 and set up in November 2022.
“The real-time source apportionment study consists of a supersite with state-of-the-art air analysers and a mobile air quality monitoring system, which will measure the level of various substances in the air above Delhi,” stated a Delhi government statement.
“We have ordered officials to immediately take action to reduce pollution based on the study’s findings. The Delhi government will place the analysis before CAQM so that the Centre, too, can act upon the problem,” Kejriwal stated.
A member of the IIT-Kanpur team explained that the secondary inorganic aerosols, which travel long distance, contribute to a large proportion of the air pollution mix. Biomass burning, vehicular emissions and dust have been the other major sources of PM2.5 over the last one month.
The project identifies various sources of PM2.5 on a real-time hourly basis, a 3-day hourly forecast of total PM2.5 as well as of different sources of PM2.5.
“The data will help the Delhi government accurately identify the sources of pollution (such as vehicular exhaust, dust, biomass burning, and emissions from industries) on a real-time basis. The supersite data will also help forecast air pollution levels on an hourly, daily, and weekly bases. These forecasts will enable the government to take proactive steps to curb pollution and allocate resources to ensure compliance with pollution control norms. The findings will further be supplemented by a mobile van, which will capture air pollution readings and sources from each corner of Delhi,” the government stated.

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