Why does Turkey want to change its name to Turkiye?

Why does Turkey want to change its name to Turkiye?

Both the names Turkey and Turkiye have the same pronunciation. But there is one extra syllable in the latter, which gives the sound of yay.

From now onwards, the official name of Turkey would be Turkiye in the United Nations. It happened after Ankara requested the organization formally to change its name. Turkish President RecepTayyip Erdogan took this decision as a part of a rebranding campaign that he launched last year. Therefore the country asked the international bodies to change its name.

Most of the Turks already call their country the name Turkiye. However, many still use the anglicized form of Turkey, even in the country itself. According to the BBC reports, after this name change, all export products will feature Made in Turkiye on them. The country launched a tourism campaign this year in January with the catchphrase Hello Turkiye.

How did Turkey get its name?

According to the DRT world, a Turkish state-owned media, there is more than one reason behind changing its name. The authorities took the move to strengthen the brand economy of the country. Also, this move helps them differentiate the nation from the North American bird Meleagris. People usually eat this bird at Thanksgiving dinners.

Turkey got its name from its similarities with the Guinea fowl. The story dates back to the time when the European colonizers discovered the Turkey bird along with the Americas. People here imported the bird through the Ottoman Empire. The republic of turkey is not a breeding ground for the birds that Americans eat at Thanksgiving. On the contrary, the Turkey bird is a native species of North America.

The anglicized word Turkey signifies the land that Turks have occupied since the 1300s. Even Chaucer has used this word in The Book of the Duchess. From the 1300s till 1922 the land that Turks had occupied was known as the Ottoman Empire.

The reason behind changing the name of Turkey

Erdogan wanted to change the name for a long. He believed that the country would have better representation with a Turkish name rather than that of a bird. He also pointed out the word’s definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary. According to this definition, its meaning is a silly or stupid person or someone who fails badly.

Turkey bird has different names in different languages, such as Portuguese call it Peru. Surprisingly the Turkey bird in the Turkish language is known as Hindi.

What is the reaction of the people?

Some people criticized this move by the government on social media and called it absurd. However, some even agreed and believed that rebranding was necessary. Few people are calling it an ineffective distraction as Erdogan is planning for next year’s elections. The country is going through high inflation and an economic crisis.

Other countries that changed their name

Holland changes its name to the Netherlands in 2022 as a rebranding move. North Macedonia dropped the name Macedonia due to some political disputes with Greece.

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