Terrorists in J&K threaten non-locals

Terrorists in J&K threaten non-locals after government gives voting rights

The Indian government has made some electoral reforms allowing non-locals in Jammu and Kashmir to vote. Opposition is against such changes.

TRF – The Resistance Front, which is a terrorist organization, has threatened non-locals in Jammu and Kashmir for registering as voters. It has issued a warning stating that the group will target every non-local. This statement comes after the revision of the voters’ list of Jammu and Kashmir, which now includes non-locals. Note that the elections in J&K union territory are ahead. The TRF members said that they would not even leave beggars.

Hirdesh Kumar, the chief electoral officer of Jammu and Kashmir, announced some electoral reforms. Now the students, employees, laborers, and people living ordinarily in the UT can register themselves on the voting list and vote in the upcoming elections.

He stated that the outsiders would not require proof of domicile to vote. He also mentioned that the army personnel stationed at J&K peace stations can also vote despite being from different states.

According to the reports, the citizens living in the union territory for any purpose, including education, business, or work, can vote in the upcoming assembly elections. The political leaders in the union territory have given sharp reactions to this news.

Mehbooba Mufti, the chief of the People’s Democratic Party, alleged that Bharatiya Janata Party has transformed Jammu and Kashmir into its testing ground. They perform experiments in J&K under the guise of its integration with India.

The leader of the national conference questioned BJP in a tweet. He asked if the ruling party is not sure about the support from local voters of J&K. It is looking for temporary votes from the outsiders to win seats. He mentioned that this move would not help BJP if J&K people are set free to utilize their franchise.

According to the reports of local media, more than 20-25 lakh voters would be added to the new voters’ list. Probably the elections in J&K will be held next year. The union territory is still without a government for four consecutive years. The government has revised this rule after scrapping article 370 in 2019. It revoked the special status of J&K, allowing outsiders to vote and own land in Jammu and Kashmir.

Presently there are 76 lakh voters registered in the valley. Omar Abdullah and Mufti lashed at this decision. They alleged that this move would help the central government win the elections. They called it a dangerous attempt by the BJP to influence the elections.

The PDP leader mentioned that the government aims to disempower locals and rule Kashmir with an iron fist.

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