Supreme Court on queer relationships

Supreme Court orders to consider queer relationships and unmarried partners as family

 In a recent verdict, the Supreme Court said that queer relationships and domestic or unmarried partners make a family.

Living together with domestic partners is taboo in our society. Recently, the Supreme Court has taken a progressive step in this matter. The apex court declared that unmarried or domestic partnerships along with queer relationships should be a family.

SC has observed that familial relationships must constitute unmarried, queer, and domestic partnerships. According to the reports, the jury noted that there must be some changes in the traditional family unit manifestation. It also requires protection by the law.

A two-judge bench of Justices AS Bopanna and DY Chandrachud addressed the hearing. They interpreted the meaning of the word family, both according to society as well as family. They mentioned that the family consists of an unchanging, single unit of a father, a mother, and their children.

Further, the apex court bench stated that this definition does not consider the circumstances that can change a familial structure. Moreover, many families do not have these expectations. So, familial relationships can be between unmarried, queer, or domestic partners.

It was a landmark hearing that came after the numerous issues regarding LGBT couples living together came up. In the recent past, there was a considerable push for queer and gay marriages. In 2018, the court decriminalized homosexuality, after which many live-in couples urged for their right to adopt.

According to the bench, a household can consist of a single parent due to various reasons. It can be due to the death of a spouse, divorce, or separation. On the other hand, the caretakers or guardians of the children may not remain the same due to adoption, fostering, or remarriage.

The judges said that these interpretations of families and love may be atypical, but are real. These atypical manifestations deserve equal protection by the law and all the social welfare benefits.

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