NewBrew urine beer of Singapore goes viral

NewBrew urine beer of Singapore goes viral: Know ingredients and making process


The company says that the beer undergoes multiple rounds of tests and filtration. It is a safe drink for all consumers.

People all over the world are becoming fond of drinking alcohol. As a result, the brewing industry is rapidly growing at a faster rate.

Wikipedia mentions that beer is the third most-consumed drink in the world, after water and tea. According to the estimates by fortune business insights, the global market of the brewing industry can grow to $989.48 billion in 2028.

In 2021 it was $768.17 billion. The NewBrew of Singapore is ready to participate in the race uniquely.

NewBrew is the latest beer brand in Singapore. It produces beer by filtering and recycling the sewage water. You might be surprised to hear that, but that is true. The brewery makes the beer from urine.

The water supply administration is marketing this urine beer as eco-friendly and the greenest beer. It has a unique composition, and shockingly people are linking it. According to the company, the key ingredient of NewBrew is NEWater. It is the 20 years old filtered sewage water that is purified before use.

The firm says that the product undergoes various stringent tests and numerous filtration rounds. Therefore, it is perfectly safe to drink.

Surprisingly, the water agency has launched the drink to spread awareness about the issue of water scarcity. It is an innovative approach to solving this issue.

The water crisis in the world is rapidly increasing every year. This little step of Singapore toward spreading awareness about water-related problems can go far. According to its composition, the beer contains 90% of water. Recycling sewage water can be a wonderful method to spread awareness about the shortage of water.

Some interesting features of NewBrew

Some interesting features of NewBrew

The NewBrew designs its beer cans after the famous water landmarks of Singapore. These designs also include MacRitchie Reservoir.

The country is working to explore new possibilities to revive the used water of the 1970s. After 30 years, they launched the NeWater. NewBrew uses high-grade and ultra-clean recycled water. Its new beverage is not only good for the environment but also tastes amazing.

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