Russia Issues Warning for Mariupol Residents

Russia Issues Warning for Mariupol Residents: Wear White Ribbons or Die


Russian troops have captured nearly all parts of Mariupol. With the advancements of Russian troops, Moscow is calling it the liberation of the port city. Hundreds of Ukrainians are still trapped inside.

The mayor of Mariupol claimed on Wednesday that the Russian army has ordered to kill civilians not wearing white ribbons. Wearing a White Ribbon indicates surrender. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is taking a darker turn with civilians losing their lives. Mayor VadymBoychenko posted on telegram that the invaders threatened to open fire on people who do not wear such ribbons.

Vladimir Putin claimed on Thursday that Russia has successfully liberated Mariupol. The city was repeatedly shelled and bombed for the past few weeks. This left the southern part of the city in ruins scattering half a million of its population.

For the Russian soldiers, White Ribbon is the identification of Ukrainians who have accepted defeat.

The city was shelled relentlessly. Due to this, the civilians were forced to melt snow for cooking and drinking water. The supplies were cut off by the Russian army or either ran out. Many people tried to escape but could not succeed because of continuous attacks. According to the sources, the army was all over the city, and the only way to escape was by private car.

People wearing white ribbons can leave in their cars. Ukrainian officials informed that after many unsuccessful attempts of evacuation, only four buses managed to escape Mariupol. Hundreds of civilians are still stranded as Moscow continues to attack the city.

Vladimir Putin calls it Mariupol’s liberation.


Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu said that it’s impractical to invade the industrial area comprising more than 2000 Ukrainian workers. Putin ordered to seal the area. So, nobody can escape.

Russia tightened security around the steel plant. It was the last stronghold of Ukraine in Mariupol. Workers were seen pleading for life from inside the plant.

VolodymyrZelensky, the president of Ukraine, has not yet accepted the capture of Mariupol by Russia. He mentioned that his senior advisors were looking over the situation. More than 10,000 people have died in the city so far.

The port city is a strategic location for Moscow. It links the Russian army of Crimea with the west and the Donbas region with the east. The fall of Mariupol will cut off the Ukrainian access to the Sea of Azov.

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