Putin marks the WW II victory of the Soviets

Putin marks the WW II victory of the Soviets, and Ukraine criticizes the school attack.


The United Nations informed that they evacuated more than 170 civilians from Mariupol on Sunday. With this, the total number has reached 600.

Russian military attacked a village school in east Ukraine. It killed more than 60 civilians. Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, gave this information condemning the attack. At the same time, Russia will celebrate the anniversary of the WW II victory of the Soviet Union. On Monday, the Soviets will mark their victory in the Second World War against Nazi Germany.

The Luhansk governor claimed that more than 90 people hid in the school when Russians bombed it. The attack occurred on Saturday at a school situated in Bilohorivka.

Zelensky addressed the masses in a video stating that the Russian bombing of Bilohorivka killed around 60 people. He added that these were the innocent civilians hiding from shelling.

However, Moscow did not respond to the news. Mariupol’s southern port has gone through massive destruction since the beginning of the war. The Azov regiment’s deputy commander pleaded with the world to save wounded soldiers trapped inside the Azovstal steel plant.

Captain SviatoslavPalamar informed the press that the Ukrainian soldiers would continue fighting till their last breath.

The leader of G7 nations decided on Sunday to impose stricter sanctions on the Russian economy. They also planned to raise a campaign against the elites linked to Kremlin.

G7 denounced Putin for invading Ukraine and committed to banning Russian oil. The group stated that the president’s actions degraded Russia and its people. It came about the role of Soviet Russia in beating Nazi Germany.

Vladimir Putin initiated the war on Ukraine, claiming it was a fight against Nazism-inspired nationalism in the country. It was then a challenge that the Soviets came across during Hitler’s invasion in 1941.

However, Ukraine and the west do not accept these claims. They reject the assertion that Moscow is struggling for its survival. According to the western world, Russia has unleashed this war to build back its empire over the Soviet Union.

Zelensky filmed a video in front of a destroyed Ukrainian apartment showing Russian missile strikes. He stated that the evil returned, but Ukraine would prevail.

Zelensky appreciated the response of the G7. He mentioned that the willingness of the world to help Ukraine has made it stand on the better side. He added that the Russian forces would lose as they are evil.

On Monday, Putin will address a parade in the Red Square in Moscow. It will consist of intercontinental ballistic missiles, rockets, tanks, and troops. Perhaps, he will give a speech offering clues to the war’s future.

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