PIL demands equal status with Jana Gana Mana for VandeMataram

Delhi High Court PIL demands equal status with Jana Gana Mana for VandeMataram


The PIL also asked the state and central governments to make sure that educational institutions play both songs.

Delhi High Court saw a Public Interest Litigation seeking status for VandeMataram equal to Jana Gana Mana. The song played a historic role in the freedom struggle and shall have the same status, as the national anthem. On January 24, 1950, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the then Chairman of the Constituent Assembly, made a statement in this regard.

It also asked the state and central governments to make sure that every educational institution plays the song. The school students should sing the song in assemblies every working day. The authorities should frame guidelines based on the Constituent Assembly resolution of 24th January 1959. The Supreme Court of India and the Madras High Court passed the judgment along with the resolution.

The BJP leader Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay filed the petition in Delhi high court. He stated that India is not a confederation or association of states rather, it is a union. Here people have only one nationality, and that is Indian. So we have to respect VandeMataram.

The government should promote VandeMatram and Jana Gana Mana to keep the country united. The songs can never give rise to any other sentiments without any reason.

The plea stated that Jana Gana Mana expresses state-wise sentiments. However, VandeMatram displays the nation’s style and character. People should never sing this song in circumstances not permissible by the law. As Indians, we have to respect it. We should treat it the same as our National Anthem

VandeMatram represents the thoughts of an entire nation and serves as a motto of Indian independence. At that time, large rallies used to boost themselves up by shouting the slogans of VandeMatram.

At one point, the British became fearful of the enthusiasm of the revolutionaries. So, they imposed a ban on singing VandeMatram in public. They arrested many freedom fighters for not obeying this ban.

Rabindranath Tagore recited VandeMatram song at the Calcutta Congress Session in 1896. Five years later, DakhinaCharan Sen sang this song in the then Calcutta Congress Session in 1901.

The plea also stated that Sarala Devi Chaudurani recited the song in 1905 at the Benares Congress Session. Moreover, LalaLajpat Rai published a journal from Lahore with the name VandeMatram.

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