A Step Towards Peace and Harmony in Jahangirpuri

A Step Towards Peace and Harmony in Jahangirpuri


People from various communities came together to join the TirangaYatra.

More than 200 people joined the TirangaYatra to spread the message of communal harmony and peace. On Sunday, the residents of Jahangirpuri hoisted the tricolor in their houses and shops to commemorate this event.

The march started at 6:00 o’clock in the evening, with both Hindus and Muslims holding the Indian flag. The yatra went along with slogans of Bharat Mata Ki Jai and Hindu Muslim Sikh Isai Aapas Me Hai Bhai Bhai.

The march consisted of both children and the elderly. It started from the C block, went around the opposite Kushal cinema, and moved towards the B block market. Eventually, the crowd went towards the G block, a Hindu majority area. From here, they ended the march after 30 minutes. The members of the local residential welfare association also attended the march. Most of the houses and shops in the riot-hit area also hoisted a tricolor outside the premises.

Amjad Ali, who resides in C block, hoisted the tricolor on top of his chicken shop and his house. He had sent his children to participate in the yatra to support the peace and harmony in the locality. He stated that his children were excited to step out after many days of chaos. Reportedly the situation in riot-hit Jahangirpuri is back to normal now.

A Muslim resident said that both the communities lived peacefully with each other for years, and they will continue to do so without any enmity. Walking along with the group, he mentioned that they are like brothers and will continue to stay like a family.

Rakesh Mehra, a businessman in the area, said that the yatra was the first step towards harmony. He alleged that those who created violence and riots were outsiders. One of his friends also got injured in the clashes. But now, he wants to forget everything and spread the message of communal harmony.

Usha Rangnani, the DCP of the northwest, confirmed the arrangement of adequate security to avoid any protocol breach. During the march, police also removed the barricades that blocked the route of the C block. They did this to ensure easy movement of the residents. Along with the Delhi Police, the teams of CRPF were also present in the area.

The march was conducted days after communal riots occurred in Jahangirpuri in northwest Delhi. The clashes broke after, a ShobhaYatra was taken out in the locality to celebrate Hanuman Jayanti. The violence accompanied instances of vandalism and stone-pelting. Police have arrested 25 people and two juveniles concerning this incident.

Also, the North Delhi Municipal Corporation conducted an anti-encroachment drive last week in the area. This uprooted many shops that mostly belonged to Muslims residing in C block. Later the Supreme Court ordered the status quo related to the drive.

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