Tips for Safe online gaming for your kids

Tips for Safe online gaming for your kids


When it comes to addictive gaming, the priority level of games in your kid’s life becomes an important factor.

Two decades earlier, playing with people residing in the opposite hemisphere was like a dream. But today, kids can do it just in a few clicks. Competing and cooperating with strangers, whom we only recognize with their nicknames, might be risky.

However, many online gamers are indeed genuine players. They love the thrill to complete gaming quests, in a virtual world, with other gamers. But, it often happens that people with bad intentions try to enter the group. For a young kid, there are many complications and risks.

Foul online attackers seek money. They always try to get access to other gamers’ accounts. These accounts contain sensitive information about the owner, including credit card details. Also, the in-game purchases worth millions of dollars that your kid has collected in the virtual world are at risk. The hackers are also after the inventory of your child’s gaming character as it is of significant value.

Besides the cybercrooks, some people can go to great heights to bully, harass, demotivate, and manipulate other players.

How to unfold most of the gaming attacks?

Cyber crooks use different techniques to steal data. Many bet on human weaknesses like greed and impatience.

Social engineering

The latest games are quite expensive. So, kids often rely on their parents for money. But, some of them are unable to afford these games. In such a situation, parents leave their kids on their own, making them vulnerable to social engineering.

Most attackers are aware and try to lure children by promising them to provide a free version. Here, the catch is that they can only do it through a specific link or a dubious forum. Even if it consists of a free game, it might contain dangerous malware. It can encrypt the data of victims, damage their devices and even spy on them.

Young kids are often competitive and might cross any heights to beat their opponents. They sometimes ruin the game for other players and end themselves at the edge. Foul gamers can take advantage of the situation and promise amateurs to provide cheat codes under certain conditions. In turn, they ask kids to follow some steps or visit a website that is often malicious. It allows them to pull out the sensitive details of the users.

Attacks on the gaming platforms and games

Not all attackers target gamers. Some also attack the gaming platform itself. It includes the case of DDoS attacks. It fills the gaming servers with fake traffic leading to a crash. It can steal or guess the passwords of players’ accounts. The motive is to infect victims with the virus and extract their details. They do it by creating fake game pages or titles.

How to save your kid from gaming attacks?

  • Buy your games. Getting the latest games for free can be tempting, but it is risky.
  • Update your device regularly.
  • Use a reliable security tool.
  • Make your passwords strong.
  • Do not cheat.
  • Do not fall into the trap of suspicious offers.
  • Choose the games according to the age of your children.
  • Make sure that the game is not taking over your kid’s life.
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