People are buying Nike Virtual Sneakers worth $186,000 in the Metaverse.

People are buying Nike Virtual Sneakers worth $186,000 in the Metaverse.


When we hear that human life is now digitized, we must not take it as a joke. It is the ultimate fact.

LADbible has reported that Nike is selling its virtual sneakers in the metaverse at a huge price of $186,000. Yes, you heard that right, these shoes are virtual, and no one can actually wear them. There does not exist any physical substitute for these sneakers.

Last week, Nike launched its series of brand new virtual sneakers named Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks. You can purchase them as NFTs. Believe it or not, the sneakers are quite stylish and can make you a new digital fashionista. So, if you are not worried about money, you can buy them and feel the swag.

The world-famous footwear brand acquired RTKFKT last year. It is a leading designer firm of digital sneakers which works to blend gaming and culture.

As some reports suggest, the Nike digital kicks of more than $14 million are already sold. Crypto holders are ready to pay from $10,500 to $12.500 for one pair of these digital shoes. You can further accessorize them with digital, rare, and pricey skins.

We must tell you that last week the company sold a sneaker skin named Alien for $630,000.

However, this is not the first time that big brands are selling their items in the metaverse. Another famous company Adidas brought its merchandise last year in the metaverse. Note that the NFT owners can purchase physical clothing also.

This digital sale of products depicts our future in the digital world. So, what do you think, would you like to buy a pair of shoes that don’t even actually exist?

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