NASA shares a mysterious image of an Alien doorway on Mars

NASA shares a mysterious image of an Alien doorway on Mars

NASA has released a mysterious image of an alien doorway-like structure on Mars. The curiosity rover posted this picture, raising the speculations of aliens residing on the red planet.

NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Administration is a world-known space agency. It is famous for its unmatched space explorations related to galaxies and planets. The organization often posts interesting pictures from outer space. It has recently released a photo that has raised speculation about life beyond Earth.

NASA sent a rover to Mars a few years back and named it Curiosity. Its job is to study the surface and environment of the planet and send pictures to the Earth. Recently, the rover sent some images from mars showing something mysterious. The photos are going viral on the internet as there was something peculiar in them. The photos seem to be the proof of aliens on Mars. Netizens are calling it a doorway to life beyond Earth.

The curiosity rover pics showed a doorway-like structure on the surface of Mars, in the mid of a mountain. This doorway in the Rocky Mountains suggests that someone or something on the planet had life. Perhaps, a living creature had constructed a special portal or doorway for transportation.

NASA rover clicked and sent a black and white photo. The picture appeared a few days ago on social media, initiating a thread of hypothetical theories. The picture is a little bit blurry and shows a door made in an uplifted rock or a stone fence. It seems like a path or portal for the movement of aliens.

Netizens got stunned as soon as the picture surfaced on social media. People started coming ahead with their hypothetical theories. Conspiracy theories of what this structure could be are getting viral on the net. Some believed that the rover clicked the photograph from a certain angle, which made it appear like a door. However, some said it could be a passage for aliens to move across the mountains.

Scientists are searching for life on Mars. There have been numerous speculations about the red planet supporting life with the presence of water. The curiosity rover detected water and signs of rivers on the red planet. After this photograph, it is certain to develop some conspiracy theories. It can be new evidence regarding the presence of aliens in outer space.

Though many considered it a portal for aliens, some also explained the photo logically. People tweeted that the structure seems to be a result of natural erosion. The frequent earthquakes may cause certain formations on the surface of the planet.

People are putting forward their theories. It would be interesting to know further details about the construction and life beyond Earth. However, the question remains unsolved whether aliens exist or not.

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