Muslim entry ban in the Gyanvapi campus

Updates on the hearing related to the Muslim entry ban in the Gyanvapi campus


Petitions have been filed seeking an entry ban for Muslims on the campus of Gyanvapi mosque. It demands to hand over the area to Hindus and permit them to worship AdiVishweshwar.

Today Varanasi District Court is going to hear another petition in the Gyanvapi mosque case. Litigant Kiran Singh has filed this suit on behalf of the Hindu deity Lord AdiVishweshwarVirajman. The PIL seeks a ban on Muslim entry on the campus of the Gyanvapi mosque. It asks the authorities to hand over the complex to Hindus and permit them to worship AdiVishweshwar.

Ravi Kumar Diwakar, the senior division civil judge, accepted the petition on Tuesday. He announced the first date of hearing to be May 25. Kiran Singh, who has filed the suit, is the wife of VishwaVaidikSanatanSangh president, Jitendra Singh Bisen.

Advocates AnushkaTripathi and Manbahadur Singh claimed in the court that Hindus should have the right to worship. They sought permission to worship the Shivling found in the complex. Jitendra Singh Bisen informed the media that the court agreed to hear the plea. The authorities will issue a notice in this case to the opposite sides.

The petitioner has put forward three demands on behalf of AdiVishweshwar. Let us inform you that a dispute is going on in area number 9130 in the Gyanvapi mosque. The Supreme Court has announced its order on the matter, after which the district court is hearing the plea. Now the district judge’s court will conduct the hearing on May 26.

Three demands in the case of BhagwanAdiVishweshwarVirajman vs State of Uttar Pradesh are:

1. There should be a ban on the entry of Muslim community people in the entire area 9130.

2. The court should hand over the entire complex with area number 9130 to Hindus.

3. Hindus should have the right to worship their deity Lord Adi Vishweshwar VirajmanJyotirlinga.

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