Here’s why Lemon Prices are Skyrocketing

Crossed ₹300 per Kg: Here’s why Lemon Prices are Skyrocketing


“When life gives you lemons make lemonade”. This is a well-known proverb that does not fit anymore. Instead, you should say, that “when life gives you lemons, store them”. This is due to the situation of rapidly growing inflation in India. Lemons have already crossed the mark of a triple century in the retail markets of the country. Even the fruits like mangoes and apples are nowhere near this price competition.

Lemon is an essential component of our summer diet, and it has continuously managed to stay in the headlines due to its skyrocketing prices. The citrus fruit has never crossed the price of ₹300 per kilogram until last week.

One single lemon is coming at the price of Rs10and Rs15 in most of the markets. Both traders and consumers are surprised as these prices are unprecedented. Even in the wholesale market lemons are selling at rupees 350 a KG. In Hyderabad, they are being sold at Rs10 per piece, while in Gujarat, customers are paying ₹25 for one. In Jodhpur, the retail price has soared up to Rs400 per KG.

Prices have really skyrocketed. Earlier, one could purchase a whole sack of lemons for Rs700, and now it costs Rs3500. People are not ready to accept these prices, as a result, nobody is purchasing lemons these days. So let us know about the real reason behind this extreme price hike.

Reasons behind price rise of lemons

  • Lemons get popular during summers. Experts suggest that due to extreme heat waves right from the start of this year, the demand for lemons is expected to increase rapidly. The states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh which are leading producers of lemons in India, are going through extreme temperature rises.
  • Another obvious reason for inflation in India is the price hike in diesel, petrol, and CNG. This has led to an increase in transportation costs. The fuel prices in India have jumped 14 times since March 22.
  • Also, the prices are increasing due to supply shortages amidst high demand. India produces around 37.17 tons of lemons, all of which, are consumed domestically. Neither they are imported nor exported. Note that India is the largest among all lemon producers in the world.
  • Unfavorable weather conditions and cyclones have destroyed the crops in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka. Gujarat is the largest lemon producer, with 19.24% of the total production in India.

Other lemons-producing states of India based on their production share, are Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Odisha, Maharashtra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, and Assam.

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