Corona patients show symptoms even after two years.

Lancet’s study shows that serious corona patients show symptoms even after two years


Lancet has conducted a recent study on some serious corona patients. It showed that they could experience symptoms even after two years of getting infected.

Meanwhile, scientists are still studying the after-effects of severe COVID-19 infections. The Lancet Respiratory medicine conducted a study showing that its symptoms may last longer. According to its report, some severe covid patients may experience a couple of symptoms even after two years.

The study suggests that people who suffered from severe infections are likely to experience symptoms for up to two years. The evidence shows that COVID-19 may produce long-term effects on the patient’s health.

According to the medical study, the COVID-19 survivors showed increasing improvements in mental and physical health. Regardless of the severity of the disease, most of them returned to their original state within two years of infection. However, some symptoms remained for a long.

The study further shows that corona survivors witnessed poorer health conditions than others. The findings indicate that biologists should research the pathogenesis of long-lasting Covid. They should also design effective methods to diminish the risk of COVID.

The journal published that coronavirus can leave long-lasting impacts on the internal systems and organs of the survivors. It urged the community to find out more about the preventive measures for long covid.

In the official summary of this report, researchers have mentioned that chronic Covid symptoms may last up to two years. It indicates that we need to continuously look at the characteristics of the virus. There should be research on the history and consequences of long COVID-19. Experts need to find out when the covid-19 survivors will recover fully.

Lancet journal also mentioned that more studies on the virus would tell about its pathogenesis. The Covid-19 pandemic broke out initially in 2020 and shook the world. It infected more than 52 crore people all over the planet. The pandemic further caused more than 62.6 lakhs deaths. Moreover, the fear of the fourth covid wave is still lingering upon the Earth.

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