Who is GoldyBrar, and why did he kill Sidhu Moose Wala?

Who is GoldyBrar, and why did he kill Sidhu Moose Wala? How does it connect with the murder of Middukhera?


Gaurav Toora, the Senior Superintendent of Police, informed the media that Sidhu Moosewala’s friend and a cousin also got injured.

A renowned Punjabi rapper, and Congress politician, Sidhu Moosewala, was shot dead in Mansa district on Sunday. The police informed the media that two cars followed the Mahindra Thar of the songwriter-singer. A few men sprayed bullets from the car, using their AK-47 guns on Moosewala and his companions.

The police have accused the gang of Lawrence Bishnoi of the brutal killing. The officials believe that the inter-gang rivalry might be the cause of the attack. Meanwhile, GoldyBrar, a Canada-based gangster, has taken the responsibility for the murder. He posted a long note on his social media account, citing numerous reasons for the attack.

The statement of Police on Moosewala murder and gang rivalry

Gaurav Toora, the Senior Superintendent of Police, Mansa, said Sidhu’s friend and a cousin also got hurt in the attack. The officials suspect a rivalry between two gangs behind the murder. VK Bhawra, the Punjab DGP, mentioned that the accused fired 30 rounds of bullets on the car. Many of these bullets hit Sidhu directly. Moosewala lost his life before he arrived at the local hospital. The SSP said his companions are stable now.

The SSP informed the media that there is a rivalry between the gang of Lucky Patial and Lawrence Bishnoi. Perhaps, the incident is connected to this rivalry. He added that the manager of Moosewala was probably behind the murder of Vicky Middukhera.

What has GoldyBrar posted on social media?


GoldyBrar wrote a social media post, taking the responsibility for Moosewala’s murder. He mentioned that Sidhu Moosewala was behind the killing of Vikramjit Singh Middukhera and GurlalBrar. Punjab Police allegedly did not take any action in this matter. He added that Moosewala was also behind the encounter of one of his associates Ankit Bhadu. Goldy wrote that Sidhu was working against his gang.

Who was Vikramjit Singh Middukhera?

Vikramjit Singh Middukhera was a young leader of the Youth Akali Dal. Popularly he was called Vicky Middukhera. He died on August 7, 2021, when someone shot him in the broad daylight. The allegations were that Shagunpreet Singh, the manager of Moose Wala, hired some Kaushal gang members to kill Middukhera. Shagunpreet escaped from the country when his name came up in the murder case.

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