Islamic nations came together to condemn Nupur Sharma

Islamic nations came together to condemn Nupur Sharma’s remarks on Prophet Muhammad

Arif Mohammad Khan, the Kerala governor, ignored Qatar’s demand for a public apology over the controversial statements by Nupur Sharma.

The controversy around Nupur Sharma’s remarks on Prophet Muhammad has taken a new turn. The Arab world continues the diplomatic offensive as Indonesia, Jordan, and the UAE have joined other Islamic nations in condemning the remarks regarding the founder of Islam.

Saudi Arabian Ministry of foreign affairs issued a statement depicting its permanent rejection of any damage to the Islamic symbols. The Ministry reaffirmed the nation’s demand for respect for religions and beliefs. It welcomed the decision of the Indian government to suspend the former BJP leader.

On Monday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Cooperation of UAE issued a statement. It affirmed the strict rejection of all behaviors and practices which contradict human and moral principles and values. UAE emphasized respecting religious symbols add confronting violence and hate speech.

Meanwhile, the Government of India tried to calm down the Islamic countries. GOI said the offensive comments and tweets did not reflect the government’s views in any way. It further added that these views belong to fringe elements. The party has expelled one of the spokespersons and suspended others.

Recent updates

1. Indonesia, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Maldives, Jordan, Iran, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar condemned the remarks by the BJP spokesperson. They demanded an apology from the government of India for allowing these derogatory remarks.

2. The Taliban-led government of Afghanistan also stepped in to condemn the remarks of Nupur Sharma. Taliban spokesman ZabihullahMujahid tweeted that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan strongly opposes the derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammad.

3. The Foreign Ministry of Indonesia posted a message on Twitter condemning the remarks by two officials of the ruling party. They conveyed this message to India through our Indian envoy in Jakarta.

4. On Sunday, the gulf countries summoned Indian envoys and issued a widespread call on social media to boycott Indian goods.

5. An official of the Qatar embassy in the capital said the Indian government should distance itself publicly from the comments. He mentioned that targeting religious sentiments can impact the economic ties between both countries.

6. Bahrain welcomed the decision of the BJP to suspend their spokeswoman and emphasized denouncing any derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammad. The reprehensible insults of the prophet of Islam may lead to religious hatred.

7. Jordan’s Foreign Ministry tweeted to strongly condemn the insulting remarks on the Islamic founder by the BJP spokesperson.

8. On Monday, Arif Muhammad Khan, the Kerala governor, brushed aside Qatar’s demand for a public apology. He termed it as not important. Moreover, he urged people to pay attention to the remarks of the RSS chief and the prime minister. He added that people should strengthen the tradition of inclusiveness in India.

9. On Sunday Indian government issued a statement saying BJP is strongly against the ideology that demeans or insults any religion. The party does not promote or support such a philosophy or people.

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