Know about the first HPV vaccine in India for the cervical cancer

Know about the first HPV vaccine in India for the cervical cancer

The first Indian vaccine against cervical cancer has arrived. The medical authorities will soon start administering it to the women.

It is a victory for the Indian medical science industry. The country has launched its first HPV vaccine against cervical cancer. The administration and production of the vaccine will soon start within a few months. It will help women fight the deadly disease by creating immunity against it.

The Serum Institute of India, which also manufactured the first COVID-19 vaccine of India, has got approval from DCGI. The Drugs Controller General of India has allowed SII to indigenously manufacture and develop the cervical cancer vaccine. It would be the first such vaccine developed in the country.

However, the CEO of SII, Adar Poonawalla, informed the reporters that the manufacturers have not yet disclosed its final price. The company has also not informed anything about the specifications of the vaccine and how it works. Poonawalla talked to the media about the launch program of the HPV vaccine. He stated that it would come at an affordable price so that people across the country can easily access it.

Price of HPV vaccine in India

It will be the first such vaccine in India to prevent cervical cancer among women. The CEO of SII announced at the event, that the vaccine would come at an affordable price and its range would be between Rs. 200 to Rs. 400. But he did not declare the final price yet.

Efficacy of the cervical cancer vaccine

The company is yet to conduct trials and specifications of the vaccine. But, the efficacy of this indigenous vaccine will probably lie between 80 to 95 percent. Most other cervical cancer vaccines also have similar efficacy.

How does the HPV vaccine work?

Just like other jabs, the HPV cervical cancer vaccine prevents your body from viral infections. It creates antibodies against the virus, which further fights the Human Papillomavirus and prevents it from causing an infection.

Poonawalla confirmed that the first Indian HPV vaccine would be available for use by the end of this year. However, in the initial phase, people will be able to get the jab through government channels only. But, from the next year, the company will also contract with some private partners for the same. The CEO mentioned that the initial plan is to manufacture 200 million doses. At first, the vaccine will only be available in the Indian market, and only after that, the company will look forward to exporting it to other countries.

What is Cervical Cancer?

cervical cancer

This type of cancer occurs in the cervix cells in a woman’s body. Note that the lower region of the uterus connecting with the vagina is known as the cervix. Different strains of Human Papillomavirus can cause a variety of cervical cancers. It is a sexually transmitted infection. The human immune system is usually capable of fighting the virus. But, HPV can endure in some people for years and transforms the cervical cells into cancer cells.

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