How to get rid of body odor during the summer season?

How to get rid of body odor during the summer season?


Some of us might not be aware of the fact that perspiration is odorless. The bacteria and other germs breed in it to give rise to a bad smell.

When the microorganisms start breeding in the sweat on your skin’s surface, they produce a bad odor. The human body releases sweat to regulate its temperature. It works as a breeding site for germs where they can reproduce quickly. These microorganisms break down the keratin protein present on the surface of your skin. The broken-down compounds are only responsible for an unpleasant smell.

During summers, there is excessive sweating which causes you to smell bad. However, you can use body deodorants to hide the smell, but most of them contain harmful chemicals.

Below we have listed some important tips to get rid of unpleasant body odor during the summer season.

1. Mix one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide in One Cup of water. White the sweaty areas like groin, foot, and underarms using a washcloth dipped in the mixture. It will eliminate some of the microorganisms that cause a bad smell.

2. Wash the clothes frequently that you wear while working out. Extra sweating from exercise may be the main source of your body odor. Sweaty clothes work well as a breeding habitat for germs.

3. Bring some changes in your eating habits. Avoid consuming food items that can generate unpleasant smells in the body. However, consult a dietitian before making majority changes in your diet.

4. Talk to a doctor if your body releases excessive sweat. People seeking active therapies are more prone to excessive sweating. Certain medical conditions may also cause extreme perspiration. Your doctor will tell you the real cause by diagnosing and can also treat it.

Apply antiperspirant before going to sleep at night. It will help the product to act while you are asleep and not sweating. While if you use antiperspirants in the morning after taking a shower, the sweat will wash it away. Your body then remains vulnerable for the entire day of sweating. Body deodorants do not prevent extreme sweating instead, they only cover up the odor. On the other hand, antiperspirants help you sweat less.

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