Hero EV Scooter catches fire

Hero EV Scooter catches fire: the company gives a short circuit, as the reason


The firm stated that the Hero’s technical team analyzed the matter and found damage in the scooter’s rear part.

In Odisha, a Hero Electric Photon Scooter goes up in flames while charging. The fire has burnt the rear parts of the scooter, causing severe damage.

According to the reports in the media, the incident occurred on Wednesday. Probably the cause of the fire can be a short circuit in the power socket. The electric scooter caught fire while it was put on the charge from the socket overnight.

The owner mentioned that he heard unusual sounds from the scooter and saw flames coming out. The electric switchboard had caught fire, which was just nearby the e-scooter. The company explained that electric sparks fell on the floor and paint can lying there.

By the time he ran and switched off the main supply, the fire spread around, and the scooter caught it. The fire was fierce enough to burn the rear part of the electric vehicle and some other household equipment.

The company officials stated that their technical team analyzed the spot and the incident. They noticed that the fire had damaged the rear part of the scooter.

Experts mentioned that probably the cause of the fire could be earth wires coming in contact with the AC phase. It resulted in a short circuit. Moreover, the fuses malfunctioned and did not cut off the supply even in case of short a circuit.

Hero has also decided to help the customer on a cost basis. The company would replace the damaged parts and test the vehicle for roadworthiness.

Hero Electric is one of the leading manufacturers of electric two Wheelers in India. It has a diverse market range of electric scooters with a variety of customers.

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