Why did the government release men who raped BilkisBano?

Why did the government release men who raped BilkisBano?

The Gujarat government announced the decision to release 11 men who raped BilkisBano. These men were in prison for life. The decision of the court came on August 15.

The Gujarat government gave its decision on the BilkisBano rape case. It decided to release all men who gang raped her. They also had several charges of multiple murders. On August 15, the 11 men walked out of the jail on the decision of the Gujarat government.

The convicts committed the crime in 2002 and were serving life imprisonment in the Godhra sub-jail. This move gave rise to a massive backlash from the opposition parties. The case is sensitive, and hence, there is outrage among all political parties in Gujarat. Let us dig deeper into the case and know more about BilkisBano.

Who is BilkisBano?

Bilkis bano

BilkisBano is a Muslim woman who lived in Gujarat. She tried to escape from the state at the time of the Gujarat riots in 2002. She was trying to move out of her village along with her family of 15 members and a toddler daughter. During this time, the violence in Gujarat was at its peak.

Bano was five months pregnant on March 3, and she was hiding in a field with her family members and daughter. A group of twenty-thirty men arrived at the spot and attacked them with sticks, swords, and sickles.

The rioters murdered seven members of her family on the spot and gang raped her. They even took her 3-year-old daughter and killed her by smashing her head on a rock.

The honorable Supreme Court considered the horrific nature of the crime and ordered CBI to look into the matter. The agency convicted 11 of these attackers and sent them to life imprisonment for committing such a heinous crime.

Why did the government now release the rapists of BilkisBano?

According to an official, the Gujarat government released the 11 men under the remission policy. These men were in jail for 14 years since the case of the 2002 Gujarat riots. The convicts have served in the prison for more than fifteen years, and hence, one of them went to the Supreme Court and pleaded for his early release. SujalMayatra, the collector of Panchmahals, is the head of the panel that dealt with their premature release.

According to the reports of PTI, Mayatra said that the committee unanimously decided to release all the 11 convicts under remission. The members sent the recommendations to the state government, which yesterday ordered to release of the prisoners.

ShamshadPathan, a human rights lawyer, said on Monday that many convicts committed crimes of lesser intensity than these 11 men, and still, they are in jails without getting any remission.

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