Why should you drink more water amid soaring heatwaves

Why should you drink more water amid soaring heatwaves?

Studies show that 4 % water loss in the human body can cause dehydration, and 15% can be fatal. Indian Meteorological Department has issued guidelines mentioning that people should drink more water amid increasing temperatures.

Hot and dry weather may lead to numerous health issues. The most common heat-related ailments are dehydration, sunburn, and heatstroke. Temperatures in some parts of Rajasthan, Delhi, and other northern states have crossed 49 degrees. Therefore, the consumption of water has become very important for maintaining health nowadays.

The medical advisory suggests that people should drink water even if they are not feeling thirsty. Do not go out in direct sunlight unless it is necessary. So, let us look at why drinking water is essential to beat the heat in these scorching summers.

To keep yourself hydrated

During Indian summers, a person should usually drink at least eight glasses of water in one day. But, in the present situation of extreme heatwaves prevailing around the country, it is not valid anymore. The standard rule for drinking water in Indian weather is to drink 35ml of water per kg in one day. In the summer season, it should increase to 45 ml of water per kg per day. A loss of just 4% of the water from the body can result in dehydration, and 15% can lead to death.

However, mild dehydration may lead to irritability, loss of concentration, and exhaustion. The organ system of the human body is well connected, comprising of kidneys, brain, and other important organs. This system is responsible for balancing the water level in the body. Severe dehydration can adversely affect the functioning of vital organs like the brain and kidneys. It may even result in death.

Water helps in the creation of saliva


The most important function of saliva is to break down food particles in the mouth. It keeps your mouth infection-free. Drinking less water may reduce the production of saliva and result in dryness in your mouth.

It keeps your body temperature at normal

Water helps in maintaining the body temperature and keeps it at normal. A lot of sweating occurs in the summer season. The body loses water due to excessive sweating through the skin. As water is a good absorber of heat, it can transfer it out from the body and stabilizes its temperature. The heat capacity of water is relatively high. Therefore, it absorbs a significant amount of heat before its temperature increases.

Water is the best detox drink

Water detoxifies your body by eliminating waste materials in the form of feces, urine, and sweat. It is a clean, pure, and calorie-free beverage. It helps your body get rid of harmful free radicals and toxins. Detoxification helps in reducing body fat.

Water improves blood circulation

Blood circulation

It regulates the blood circulation in your body. Water helps in delivering nutrients and oxygen to all body parts. Regulated blood flow all through the body keeps the body hydrated. Warm water is quite helpful and leads to the expansion of veins. On the other hand, cold water makes the veins narrower, restricting the blood flow.

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