The best way to lose body fat

The best way to lose body fat


Obesity and increased body fat have always been a matter of concern. Moreover, in this tough time of pandemic when all the gyms and yoga centers are shut down, it has become difficult to keep your body in shape. Today we look at some of the best ways to lose your body weight more scientifically and effectively. All the fitness freaks might be aware of the fact that cutting down on carbs will help you burn your body fat as fuel.

According to various health experts, taking fewer calories than you can burn may lead to fat reduction. In your daily routine, fat is the source of around 80% of energy and the rest 20% comes from carbs. This holds whether you are at rest or active. Even if you are working out, more than 80% of energy is supplied by the fat stored in your body. But, certain facts may sound new to you.

Surprisingly, this stored fat burns slowly if you increase your workout time and intensity. Vigorous exercise leads to higher carbs combustion instead of burning fat. This leads to the depletion of glycogen in your body. Glycogen is the stored glucose in your body that comes from carbohydrates.

Now, you might be thinking that can we get a slender body just by taking 30 minutes of morning walk? Well, this can help you reduce some of your extra inches, but it may not be sufficient to get rid of that popping-out layer of fat.

So how to burn more fat in less time?

body fat

  • Consume fewer calories

The first and foremost thing you must do to reduce body fat is to create a calorie deficit in your body. You should consume fewer calories than you can burn. This will help your body to burn the stored fat for fuel. But, make sure not to go too low on your carbs intake. On average, a female should consume no more than 1200 calories and a male not more than 1500 calories in a day.

  • Take in fewer carbs

Keeping low on carbs proves to be very beneficial. Reduced carbs will lower the glycogen in your body. This replaces glucose with fat as the energy source. Now, when your body needs energy, it will burn fat instead of glycogen and help you reduce extra weight.

  • Perform regular exercise

body fat

Just 30 minutes of a walk at a speed of around 2 miles per hour will help you burn around 100 calories. Here, 80% of the energy required will come from fat and the rest will be contributed by carbs. But, if you increase your speed to 9 miles per hour, you will end up burning 450 calories. However, it will not be as helpful as only 20% will be coming from the fat and major 80% from the carbs. So, we can say that walking is more beneficial than running.

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