Four most weird dishes in the world

Here we will know about some gross and strange dishes which people eat with great pleasure across the world.

Many people love eating different foods in the world. They always like to try different flavors from different places. If you are also one of them, then you must go through the list of these weird foods.

Apart from heart-pleasing delicious, and tasty food, people also eat some strange things that you might find hard to believe. Now let us look at some gross and strange dishes that people eat with great pleasure around the world.

1. Fried tarantula spider

Many people are afraid of spiders, and you may also be one of them. But believe it or not, it is a very popular snack in Cambodia which is a Southeast Asian country. The tarantula spider looks scary, but people say that it tastes good like a crab.

People started eating it in the 1970s when a famine occurred in the Khmer Rouge regime. Amidst acute food shortage, people started eating even insects like locusts, tarantula spiders, and silkworms.

At that time, people realized that tarantula spiders taste good, and hence they continued eating them. Currently, Skuon city of Cambodia is very famous among tourists for its fried tarantulas. You can buy one spider for a dollar which is quite an expensive rate over there.

2. Poisonous fish

People of japan eat this fish which can easily kill anyone with its poison. It is known as Fugu or Pufferfish. The internal body parts and skin of this fish contain a poisonous substance known as tetrodotoxin. It is 1200 times more dangerous than cyanide.

Despite being so dangerous, many people consume it in Japan. Only a few chefs in the country have a license to cook it for human consumption. They make sure to remove its poison completely and people eat it with utmost care.

You must only try this strange dish and add the licensed restaurants, otherwise, things could get very bad. A few years ago, 15 people died in Thailand after consuming this fish. After this incident, the authorities banned its consumption to prevent more deaths in the thrill.

3. Old egg food

Chinese people use very old eggs to prepare this dish and it is called a century egg. These eggs can be several months to several weeks old. The practice started at the time of the Ming dynasty. At that time, people used to preserve the eggs of chicken quail and duck in a mixture of rice, chives, salt, ash, and soil for a long time. After several months the year egg yolk becomes dark-colored creamy Jelly which people eat with great fervor.

4. Fertilized egg

It is a unique dish, which people of the Philippines like to eat. It is commonly called Balut, and people eat it as street food. Generally, it is a duck egg, which they incubate for 14 to 21 days to develop the embryo inside it. This embryo dies when they boil the egg at the time of eating.

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